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Wir verhalten uns unvorsichtig und oft grob fahrlässig im digitalen Raum. Wir stimmen Verträgen zu, ohne sie gelesen zu haben, verteilen personenbezogene Daten von uns und anderen weltweit an Unternehmen und wir schicken sensible Daten per E-Mail ungeschützt an Freunde und Geschäftspartner. Anscheinend haben wir...

Cryptomator 1.2.3 for Windows fixes a mysterious bug, commonly known as system error 53 or 67. Well, it’s not that mysterious anymore, but this particular error had been haunting us from the beginning! Cycor on GitHub (almost casually) pointed out in GitHub Issue 210 that he found the cause of system error 53/67 aft...

We’ve finally released the first beta version of Cryptomator for Android after almost 6 months of development. It’s a completely new and native app. In this process, we outsourced the cryptographic code from our main project, which is now available as CryptoLib.

Cryptomator 1.1.4 for Windows, OS X, and Linux fixes two (related) vulnerabilities allowing malicious Flash files being injected into vaults, that can be executed to “bypass” the SOP and access files from a Flash-enabled browser (GitHub Issues 318 & 319). Kudos to Lukas Reschke for reporting them!

Cyptomator for iOS has finally been approved by the French administration. You can download it now in the French App Store. We’d like to share our experience on how to receive export compliance for the French iOS App Store.

Cryptomator 1.1 for Windows, OS X, and Linux is out now! We’ve added a password strength indicator and sync conflicts are now being detected.

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