Cryptomator 1.2.0 for Windows, Mac, and Linux is out now!

New Features

Fixes and Improvements

The Downside

Sadly, we had to drop file size obfuscation support. From this version onwards, there is a bijective function for calculating the cleartext size from the ciphertext size and vice versa.

We always strive to offer the best of both, security and usability. But sometimes we need to find a compromise in order to implement all the features, we’re planning for future releases. In the past, we needed to access the first few bytes of a file in order to determine the cleartext file size, which led to O(n) I/O activities with n being the number of files per directories. In this case, we decided in favor of O(1) directory listings, which is especially useful for large directory listings, file size determination via mobile devices, or slow internet connections.

File size obfuscation has never been a cryptographically effective protection against adversaries getting to know the approximate cleartext size. Anything the size of a movie remained the size of a movie and was most likely not mistaken for a text document. Nevertheless, we will miss you. R.I.P.

Cryptomator 1.2.0 for iOS

Cryptomator for Android

We are confident that we can inform you about a beta release in the next weeks. Stay tuned and thank you for your patience!