Blog / Cryptomator for Android 0.1 Beta

We’ve finally released the first beta version of Cryptomator for Android after almost 6 months of development. It’s a completely new and native app. In this process, we outsourced the cryptographic code from our main project, which is now available as CryptoLib.

You’re welcome to test the beta version. Follow this link for more information. Version 0.1 is by far not feature-complete and has known issues, but we’re of course open for feature requests, suggestions, and obviously bug reports.

You can send us feedback on GitHub. We’ve created a repository just for collecting Android issues. Please review and follow our contribution guidelines.

Thank you all for your patience! We know some of you have been already waiting for an Android app of Cryptomator for many months. We’re looking forward to your feedback! 😄

What’s next?

  • Version 0.2: We’re going to fix some critical/major bugs first, don’t expect too many new features.
  • After that we’ll most likely successively add support for Google Drive, OneDrive, and WebDAV.
  • Our goal is to add the functionality equal to the iOS app for the final version.