We’ve completely rewritten Cryptomator. Its core components are now modularized to CryptoLib, CryptoFS, and WebDAV-NIO-Adapter. A complete list of closed issues is available here.





Technical Details on Windows Mounting

After we have fixed #431, we noticed various issues on Windows. We tried hosting the virtual drive via localhost,, and ::1 but every host has its own issue: Sometimes access to the virtual drive was extremely slow, sometimes Windows showed unnecessary security warnings (#529), and sometimes Office didn’t properly work (#512). That’s why the Windows installer for Cryptomator now writes the new host cryptomator-vault (which is mapped to into the hosts file. Weirdly enough, with that new host, all problems seem to be gone. Even though we don’t quite understand why binding an IP has such a big impact, we just hope that we finally found a good solution!

Under-The-Hood Improvements

We’d like to highlight some improvements that we were able to make under-the-hood: Faster build times, high test coverage for our crypto libraries, and more!

CI Build Times

(Travis CI build numbers are in parentheses)

Branch 1.3.0 1.2.4
Master (Release) 3min (809, 819, 835, 842, 845) 5min (699, 704, 714, 727, 828)
Develop 1.6min (830, 831, 837, 839, 841) 3min (710, 711, 715, 724, 725)

Lines of Code

(determined via cloc --exclude-dir=test --include-lang=Java)

Project 1.3.0 1.2.4
Cryptomator-Desktop 7,249 16,624
CryptoLib 1,447 -
CryptoFS 6,829 -
WebDAV-NIO-Adapter 3,979 -
SIV-Mode 1,238 1,238
Sum 20,742 17,862

Test Coverage

(determined via JaCoCo)

Project 1.3.0 1.2.4
Cryptomator-Desktop 14% 66%
CryptoLib 93% -
CryptoFS 97% -
WebDAV-NIO-Adapter 26% -
SIV-Mode 96% 96%

* passes litmus (WebDAV server test suite)

File Size

File 1.3.0 1.2.4
Cryptomator.jar 9.18 MB 12.1 MB

Evolution of Cryptomator

(made with Gource)

Cryptomator 1.2.4 for iOS

We weren’t able to finish Cryptomator 1.3.0 for iOS in time. Some great features are planned for this version. Stay tuned!

Cryptomator 0.6.0 for Android

This version will be released shortly and might be the last major beta version. We are now in preparations for releasing Cryptomator 1.0.0 for Android. Looking forward to a great first final release!