Blog / Cryptomator 1.0 for Android Release

Today, we are glad to announce the release of Cryptomator 1.0 for Android. 🎉 Finally, you can protect your cloud files also on Android devices. The app is naturally fully compatible to the desktop and iOS versions of Cryptomator.

We have worked extensively during the last year to ensure the app’s security and usability. Thanks to your feedback and the experiences of more than 10,000 beta testers, the Android app has finally reached the level of maturity that fulfills Cryptomator’s high standards.

In version 1.0 for Android, the app is compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and WebDAV-based providers. You can also create vaults in Android’s local storage and, e.g., sync them with third-party apps. The app is available for $4.99 in the Google Play Store.

Changelog since 0.7.0

  • Added “lock all vaults” option to the auto-lock notification
  • Improved performance of the cloud login process
  • Removed internet connection requirement for local storage
  • Fixed display problem when logging in to OneDrive
  • Translated app into Spanish
  • Increased Android requirement to version 4.3
  • Fixed several smaller bugs and problems