Blog / Cryptomator 1.4.0 Release

Cryptomator 1.4.0 has been released featuring Dokany and FUSE support

What’s New

Introducing Dokany (Windows) and FUSE (macOS, Linux) support. Vaults can now be mounted via Dokany and FUSE which is now the preferred way over WebDAV. Expect vastly improved integration into the system. A complete list of closed issues is available here.

Dokany / FUSE

  • Provide virtual drive using Dokany on Windows (#207)
  • Provide virtual drive using FUSE on macOS and Linux (#252)
  • Solves upstream bug with keeping modification date and other dates of original file (#220)
  • Solves upstream bug on Windows with files >4 GB (#82)
  • Solves upstream bug on Windows with Windows Explorer showing C: drive capacity for any vault (#80)
  • Solves upstream bug on macOS High Sierra with disappearing drives (#579)
  • Solves upstream bug on macOS Sierra with duplicate folders in /Volumes (#464)
  • Solves other WebDAV-related bugs (#67, #145, #175, #204, #238, #256, #366, #513, #597, #631, #684)

As usual, we have open-sourced the libraries Dokany-NIO-Adapter and FUSE-NIO-Adapter under AGPL.


  • Quitting Cryptomator is now also graceful, similar to locking vaults (#230), kudos to Jelle Dekker (jellemdekker on GitHub)
  • Added status indicator to tray icon (#296), kudos to Jelle Dekker (jellemdekker on GitHub)
  • Fixed apparently empty vault when ciphertext size of one file is invalid (#673)


  • Fixed missing text in menu options of tray icon (#612)
  • Fixed violated code integrity policy by signing all DLLs (#736)


  • Provide AppImage as a long-term replacement for other distribution methods (#469)
  • Fixed WebDAV support when having gvfs 1.37.2 or later (#722), kudos to Ralph Plawetzki (purejava on GitHub)
  • Fixed support for high resolution display (#42)


  • Updated to JDK 10
  • Decreased file size of application and installer packages significantly
  • Dropped official Windows and Linux 32 bit support