Blog / Cryptomator Roadmap Early 2019

Hey it’s a new year, so here comes our quarterly annual 🙈 roadmap preview.

OpenJDK and OpenJFX

Until now we’ve been using Oracle JDK, since this included the GUI library we used for Cryptomator: JavaFX. Beginning with JDK 11, we plan to switch to OpenJDK and OpenJFX. JavaFX will no longer be included in the Oracle JDK anyway and OpenJFX promises shorter release cycles and - as the name suggests - is developed in an open process.

Since we no longer depend on non-free software, Cryptomator could theoretically move from “contrib” to “main” in Debian repos.

We also hope that building Cryptomator becomes easier, since OpenJFX is a normal dependency and you no longer need to install the Oracle JDK.

We have successfully moved to FUSE (Linux and macOS) and Dokany (Windows). Now it is time to improve the file systems. One of the most asked features is support for symbolic links. If you don’t know what this is, don’t worry. For everyone else: Stay tuned for a 1.4.x update introducing symlinks.

UI Redesign

We plan to redesign the whole user interface from scratch with Cryptomator 1.5.0. In order to do this, we are happy to get your input. If you have any ideas on how Cryptomator should look, feel free to join the discussion in our redesign thread.