We would like to take a more regular look at our roadmap to publicly document the past, present, and future developments of Cryptomator. Unlike before, we’re also going to have a look at the roadmaps of our mobile apps.


In the desktop area, we are currently pursuing two different branches: On the one hand we are striving for feature completion of 1.4.x, with 1.4.12 already available as a release candidate. It will finally allow Linux users to store their password in the system and include the much desired “Custom Mount Flags” feature.

On the other hand the implementation of 1.5.0 has already started. For 1.5.0, as announced, we want to fully concentrate on the redesign of the user interface and improve the internal processing of Cryptomator, because like many open-source projects it has grown organically over time and therefore needs a good refactoring. :wink:


After the release of Cryptomator 1.4.0 for iOS with built-in cache functionality, which on the one hand avoids repeated downloading of files and on the other hand allows (limited) offline access, the work on Cryptomator 1.5.0 for iOS has started.

The main focus will be the integration into the Files app of iOS. The first step will be the expansion of our Document Provider which is going to be extended by the methods “Open” and “Move”. This will make a direct access to files within a Cryptomator vault from other apps possible without having to copy them back and forth.


Cryptomator 1.4.0 for Android is currently being finalized with the following features, which can already be tested in a beta version:

We are considering these features for future versions: