Blog / Open Source: Cryptomator for Android

We announced it last month and now we are ready… our gift to the community for the holidays: Cryptomator for Android is now fully open-source! Check out the repository here:

Cryptomator for Android is now open-source

There will definitely be a transition phase and learning curve for us to fine-tune the repository and coordinate open-source contributions but it shouldn’t be too far off the “main” repository Cryptomator for Windows, macOS, and Linux, which was open-source from the beginning.

We are looking forward to your contributions and are very grateful to you and the whole community that made this step possible. To support the ongoing open-source development of Cryptomator, consider donating or sponsoring. ❤️

And what about Cryptomator for iOS? To quote from our “Roadmap Late 2020”:

We won’t open-source the current app anymore because we’d like to look forward. The new app is written with open-sourcing it in mind but it will still take some time until we can release anything.

Happy holidays and a happy new year! 🎁