Blog / Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS: Open Source and Beta Release

Finally, the time has come! 🎉 The brand new iOS app of Cryptomator can now be tried out in a beta version via TestFlight and the project is now, as previously announced, fully open-source! This means that the entire Cryptomator family is now open-source, consisting of the Desktop, Android, and iOS versions.

Cryptomator 2.0 for iOS: Open Source and Beta Release

The new Cryptomator app with full integration into the Files app of iOS fulfills one of the biggest feature requests. For example, it is now possible to save encrypted files directly into a Cryptomator vault within Word. On iPad, drag & drop is possible with the new app. In general, all features of the Files app are automatically supported by Cryptomator.

Development on the new iOS app started just over a year ago and was rewritten from scratch in the Swift programming language. We are now using the latest tools to develop the app and can therefore support new features of iOS faster. This makes the project more future-proof and easier to maintain. Half a year ago, we were able to open-source the Android app and have released numerous updates with great contributions from the community since then. We couldn’t wait to release the source code of the new iOS app as well. Through open-source, the new app is now accessible to all interested developers and the whole community, as we are used to from our other projects.

We are looking forward to your feedback and contributions and are very grateful to you and the whole community that made this step possible. To support the ongoing open-source development of Cryptomator, consider donating or sponsoring. ❤️