Blog / Boxcryptor Shuts Down – Here is Your Cloud Encryption Alternative

As mentioned in the last blog post, Dropbox has acquired Boxcryptor’s key technology. This means that Boxcryptor’s services will no longer be available to new users and existing users will likely have to migrate when their contracts expire.

We are here to stay and offer you the chance to try our open-source software. Cryptomator is free and can be used without an account. Just download and get started.

If you’re looking for a replacement, you’ve come to the right place. We compare the features of Boxcryptor with those of Cryptomator. See for yourself!

Cryptomator is constantly analysed by experts using modern tools.

Features of Boxcryptor

  • Encryption of all major cloud providers
  • Was available on Windows, macOS, Linux (portable only), iOS, and Android
  • End-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption
  • Filename encryption was only available in a paid plan
  • Plans start with €36 per year, business plan for €72 a year
  • Closed-source software
  • Software “Made in Germany”

Features of Cryptomator

  • Encryption of all major cloud providers (no restriction on Desktop app; mobile apps compatible with Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, pCloud, iCloud Drive on iOS, and any cloud via WebDAV and S3)
  • Available on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android
  • Both for personal use and for businesses: Cryptomator Hub
  • End-to-end and zero-knowledge encryption
  • Free Desktop app, one-time purchase (€15) for the mobile app, no subscription
  • Maximum transparency through open-source software
  • Unlimited number of devices
  • Password recovery through offline key recovery
  • Software “Made in Germany”
Cryptomator allows you to access your cleartext data without the need to remove encryption protection.

How to Migrate From Boxcryptor to Cryptomator

Switching from Boxcryptor to Cryptomator is simple. Boxcryptor provides an off-migration guide on their website to decrypt all Boxcryptor encrypted files. Make sure that your sensitive data is at no point unencrypted in the cloud. Then, you set up Cryptomator so you can encrypt and securely sync those files back to the cloud.

How to Easily Set Up Cryptomator

  1. Download and install Cryptomator.
  2. Once Cryptomator is installed, you can create a new vault.
  3. Give your vault a name.
  4. Now select a cloud storage of your choice as the storage location of your vault.
  5. Enter a password.

And you have successfully created your first vault.

If you want, you can unlock it immediately and reveal the virtual drive. From now on, you can store your sensitive files here, e.g., the data that you previously encrypted with Boxcryptor, in order to encrypt them in the cloud with Cryptomator from now on. Detailed instructions are available here.