If you’re looking for instructions on how to use Cryptomator, please visit our documentation.


If you have a problem, visit our community forum. You’ll find answers by other users as well as our developers.

Email Support

Please use our community forum first so that everyone can benefit from the answer. If you prefer to send us an email, contact us at [email protected].


Report Bugs

If you found a bug, please see if it has already been reported before you open a new issue on our GitHub page.


If you want to see Cryptomator in your favorite language, you can easily help translating it within your web browser.

Report Vulnerabilities

If you want to contact us before responsibly disclosing a vulnerability, please follow these instructions on GitHub.

Other Inquiries


For press-related questions check out our Press Kit, which will provide you with some basic information, assets and the right contact person.


We’re open to cooperations and offer a variety of B2B services, including white labeling.


Cryptomator is primarily maintained by the Skymatic Team. If you think you fit in, feel free to apply to Skymatic.