1&1 Verschl├╝sselung

With 1&1 Verschl├╝sselung, customers of 1&1 have the possibility to encrypt their sensitive files quickly and easily before uploading. On the basis of Cryptomator, two apps and a Windows application have been developed, which enable client-side encryption on the device.

GMX Tresor

The cooperation with GMX resulted in the GMX Tresor. This provides users of GMX Cloud with the option to add further protection: With this application, they are automatically encrypted on the respective device and then transferred to the cloud.

WEB.DE Tresor

Thanks to WEB.DE Tresor, which was developed in cooperation with WEB.DE, users of the WEB.DE Online-Speicher can now additionally protect particularly sensitive cloud files themselves: Simply encrypt them via the Windows application or via the app and then transfer them securely into the cloud.


Cyberduck is a libre remote file browser for Mac and Windows. As of version 6.0, Cyberduck supports Cryptomator vaults and thus is the perfect tool for all, who do not want to synchronize their cloud files locally.

Mountain Duck

Based on the solid open-source foundation of Cyberduck, Mountain Duck lets you mount server and cloud storage as a local disk in Finder on macOS and in File Explorer on Windows. As of version 2.0, Mountain Duck supports Cryptomator vaults.


File Sync, Share and Content Collaboration Cloud for companies, education and research as well as public authorities.


ProxyStore is a German-based provider of privacy-focused goods and services.

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