GMX Tresor

GMX Tresor offers users of GMX Cloud the possibility to additionally protect their files: Thanks to this application, they are automatically encrypted on the respective device and then transferred to the cloud.

GMX Cloud is the free cloud solution for all GMX users. With the “Cloud made in Germany” promise, GMX guarantees compliance with strict data protection guidelines and the exclusive storage of all files in Germany.

In the cooperation between GMX and Skymatic, an application has now been developed that makes the GMX Cloud even more secure: GMX Tresor. Those who prefer to rely on themselves to protect particularly sensitive files can install GMX Tresor for Android, iOS, or Windows in addition to GMX Cloud. This allows you to encrypt files directly on the device and then store them in the cloud.

How the Encryption Works

When setting up the vault, the user sets a secret password that remains with him/her completely and is not transmitted to the cloud provider. From this password, a 256 bit key is then derived to transform the files into a practically unbreakable, unreadable ciphertext. Afterwards, they are transferred to GMX Cloud. To be able to use the files again, the user simply unlocks his or her vault using the password.

Only the user knows the vault’s password. This ensures that cloud files are reliably protected against unwanted access at all times.