WEB.DE Tresor

With WEB.DE Tresor, users of the WEB.DE Online-Speicher can now additionally protect particularly sensitive cloud files themselves: Simply encrypt them via the Windows application or via the app and then transfer them securely into the cloud.

With WEB.DE Online-Speicher, users can rely on the fact that their cloud files are stored exclusively in Germany and are therefore strictly protected by law. This is what WEB.DE’s “Cloud made in Germany” promise stands for.

In the cooperation between WEB.DE and Skymatic, an application has now been developed that makes Online-Speicher even more secure: WEB.DE Tresor. This enables particularly security-conscious users to encrypt files before they are transferred to the cloud, i.e. on a smartphone or a PC. Using the vault is very simple.

How the Encryption Works

Once installed on the respective device and after assigning a special vault password, files are automatically stored in Online-Speicher in a special folder. They are then converted into an unreadable and unbreakable sequence of letters and characters using a 256 bit key derived from the vault’s password. Only then, the transfer to the WEB.DE Online-Speicher follows.

Only the user knows his or her own vault’s password, with which the vault’s files can be decrypted again. This ensures that your own files in the cloud are protected against unauthorized access.

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