Cryptomator for Windows

Version 1.12.4 • Changelog

EXE Installer

Minimum: Windows 10, Version 1803


This installer includes the third-party driver WinFsp. You can also download the MSI installer without dependencies.


The portable app is a community effort and not officially provided and maintained by Skymatic.

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Cryptomator for macOS

Version 1.12.3 • Changelog

DMG Image

Minimum: macOS 11

Download (Intel)

We recommend installing macFUSE.

Download (Apple Silicon)

We recommend installing FUSE-T.

Cryptomator for Linux

Version 1.12.3 • Changelog

Package Repositories

You'll also find Cryptomator in the following repos:

Cryptomator for Android

Google Play

Minimum: Android 8.0


You can also purchase Cryptomator for Android without going through Google Play.

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Cryptomator for iOS

App Store

Minimum: iOS 14.0

A full version without in-app purchases for Apple School/Business Manager is available on the App Store.

Looking for older versions?

Releases Archive on GitHub

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cryptomator free to use?
Cryptomator is free to use on Windows, macOS, and Linux, but not on iOS and Android. If you purchase a license key for one platform, it is not valid for another. A bundle license does not exist.
Why is Cryptomator free to use on some platforms, but not on others?
Our licensing strategy differs across platforms because of constraints imposed by App Store / Google Play policies, and technical differences across operating systems.
Do I need a supporter certificate to use Cryptomator on Desktop?
All functional and encryption features are absolutely free to use on the desktop. By obtaining a supporter certificate, you can unlock the dark mode on desktop apps and also help accelerate Cryptomator’s development. Please note, a supporter certificate is not a license key that can be used to unlock mobile apps.
How can I purchase Cryptomator on Android?
It is a one-time purchase through Google Play or as an APK download from our website or through F-Droid. If you buy the app without going through Google Play, you will receive an Android-only license key. You cannot test the app before purchasing it, but you have a right of withdrawal within 14 days.
How can I purchase Cryptomator on iOS?
We use a freemium model on iOS. You can download the Cryptomator app from the App Store for free and use it in read-only mode indefinitely. A one-time in-app purchase through the App Store will grant you write access.
Is there a freemium version of Cryptomator for Android?
Not yet, but we have plans to introduce a freemium model on Android like we have on iOS. You can keep up with our progress by following this GitHub issue. Stay tuned!
Can I avoid big-tech/gatekeepers for my purchase?
This is possible on Android only, as you can download the Cryptomator app as an APK file or through F-Droid and buy the license using our website. The supporter certificate can only be purchased using our website.
Can I purchase Cryptomator anonymously?
Yes, you can buy a Cryptomator for Android license key or a supporter certificate through ProxyStore. They accept Monero, Bitcoin, and cash. You can read more about our cooperation here.