Cryptomator Hub: Managed

Request access to a managed instance of Cryptomator Hub and get your team on board with client-side encryption for your cloud storage.


Based on your input, we will create a new Hub instance for you. You will be the first admin of this instance.


The URL of your Hub instance. If you'd like to use a custom domain, please let us know below.

The email address of the person who will be the first admin of your Hub instance.

The number of users you expect to have. This can be changed later.

If you have any questions or special requirements, please let us know.

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We have received your request and will evaluate it as soon as possible. Depending on our work load, it may take several days.

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Hub instances are created manually. We will get back to you as soon as possible. You will receive an email with further instructions.


No credit card required. Get started today with your 14-day free trial.


excl. VAT

per seat, per month, billed yearly

  • Unlimited vaults
  • Up to 50 seats
  • Full access via Desktop app
  • Full access via Mobile apps 1
    You will be granted full access without having to unlock the full version of the mobile app.
  • Audit logs
  • Email support



tailored pricing

  • Everything in Standard
  • More than 50 seats
  • Option: Custom domain
  • Option: Custom hosting location
  • Expert training and assistance
  • Priority email support

1 Hub support for Android is currently in development, ETA in 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are seats calculated?
Only users who are granted access to vaults count towards the seats limit. For example, you can buy 10 seats and still connect your Keycloak instance to an Active Directory with thousands of users. Each user with vault access occupies one seat, regardless of their number of devices.
How is the subscription fee calculated for paid plans?
You will be charged a yearly fee for each seat. This fee applies even if you have unused seats.
Can I add more seats during the current billing cycle?
Yes, you can add more seats at any time. You can also reduce seats if you no longer need them. Changes are either prorated immediately or deducted in the following year.
Do the paid plans include 5 free seats?
No, you will have to pay for all seats on your plan. We charge for every seat because all users benefit from the extra features enabled by paid plans. For example, all users have full access to the vaults via the mobile apps without having to unlock the full version.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions. Please contact us to check if you qualify.
Do you offer cloud storage?
No, Cryptomator Hub only adds zero-knowledge key management to Cryptomator. And Cryptomator takes care of encrypting your files on your device. We recommend you to store your vaults on a cloud storage of your choice.
How do I access the contents of a vault?
For the client-side encryption to work, you access the contents of a vault via Cryptomator for Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and Mobile (Android, iOS). (Note: Compatibility with Android and iOS are currently in development.)
What is the difference between Managed and Self-Hosted?
Cryptomator Hub is available in a managed and a self-hosted version. In the managed version, Skymatic GmbH maintains the infrastructure required for Cryptomator Hub and Keycloak and is responsible for security, availability, backups, and up-to-dateness. With the self-hosted version, this is your responsibility.

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