Looking for an alternative to Boxcryptor after their acquisition? Cryptomator is here to stay! Learn more.


The secure way to work in teams

Cryptomator Hub adds zero-knowledge key management for teams and organizations to Cryptomator. It easily integrates into your existing identity management incl. OpenID Connect, SAML, and LDAP. As usual, your favorite cloud service remains your free choice.

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Quick Introduction

Let us show you how Cryptomator Hub adds access management for your Cryptomator vaults.

Strong Authentication

Hook up Cryptomator Hub to your existing identity infrastructure and set up any industry-standard authentication method for your team. Powered by Keycloak.

End-to-End Encryption

Vaults created with Cryptomator Hub will be stored the same way as you're used to with Cryptomator – securely using end-to-end encryption. Learn more.

Zero Knowledge

Cryptomator Hub manages key material without getting in touch with unencrypted keys. It is a true zero-knowledge solution. Learn more.

Pricing Plans

Unlock the full potential of your Hub instance and get your team on board with client-side encryption for your cloud storage.



for up to 5 seats

  • Unlimited vaults
  • Full access via Desktop app
  • Read-only access via Mobile apps 1
    If you unlocked the full version of the mobile app, you will be granted full access.
  • Community support


per seat, per month

  • Everything in Community
  • Full access via Mobile apps 1
    You will be granted full access without having to unlock the full version of the mobile app.
  • Audit logs 1
  • Email support



tailored pricing

  • Everything in Standard
  • Priority email support
  • Expert training and assistance
  • Volume discount for large teams

1 Currently in development, ETA early 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are seats calculated?
Only users who are granted access to vaults count towards the seats limit. For example, you can buy 10 seats and still connect your Keycloak instance to an Active Directory with thousands of users. Each user with vault access occupies one seat, regardless of their number of devices.
How is the subscription fee calculated for paid plans?
You will be charged a yearly fee for each seat. This fee applies even if you have unused seats.
Do the paid plans include 5 free seats?
No, you will have to pay for all seats on your plan. We charge for every seat because all users benefit from the extra features enabled by paid plans. For example, all users have full access to the vaults via the mobile apps without having to unlock the full version.
Do you offer discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts for nonprofits and educational institutions. Please contact us to check if you qualify. For those who do not qualify, we offer a volume discount for large teams. (Special: Until the end of 2022, we offer 25% off for the first year!)
How do I access the contents of a vault?
For the client-side encryption to work, you access the contents of a vault via Cryptomator for Desktop (Windows, macOS, Linux) and Mobile (Android, iOS). (Note: Compatibility with Android and iOS are currently in development.)

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